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Contact The medicinal thermal water in Debrecen is 65 ˚C hot. It contains alkali chloride, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, bromine, sodium chloride, and significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, metaboric acid and metasilicic acid. It is a medicinal water rich in valuable organic and inorganic elements, which makes it extremely suitable for the treatment of specific locomotive disorders.

The patients of the Balneology Division can enjoy the healing properties of the medicinal water in 3 indoor thermal water pools and 1 outdoor pool of the Spa.

Indoor pools: The three pools have 33 °C, °C and 38 °C hot water, respectively. Additionally, there is a swimming pool with 28 °C warm water and a two-chambered alternating temperature bath with 20 and 40°C water, respectively contrast bath. Outdoor pool: One pool with °C hot water.

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Medicinal mud Medicinal muds are finely grained natural materials that as a result of their water-binding and heat-storing properties make perfect mudpacks. Fangotherapy is generally used as a complementary balneotherapy treatment; however, it can also function as an individual therapy.

torna térdfájdalommal

During treatment, the mud is placed directly onto the skin at the appropriate temperature 42°Cand then heat insulation is provided with the use of textile sheet, then a sheet containing rubber, and a final cover.

This treatment is a well-proven medical method especially for stiff muscles, for reversing contractures, and for the follow-up treatment of chronic rheumatic conditions, joint luxations, or limb fractures.

The Balneology Division uses medicinal turf mud from Hévíz for the treatments.

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  • Ízületi gyulladás 3 oka, 4 tünete, 9 kezelési módja [teljes útmutató] Tudja meg, hogyan enyhíteheti térdfájdalmát a Voltarennel Térdfájdalom okai és kezelése - Fájdalomközpont Térdkalács patella körüli fájdalom Az ízületi merevség leggyakoribb okai BENU Gyógyszertárak Kezelje a térd folyadékízületeit Vannak azonban olyan ízületek is például az alsó lábszár csontjain, amelyek a hajlékonyság helyett a stabilitást is szolgálják.
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Weight bath Weight bath itself is a Hungarian invention developed by dr. Károly Moll, a famous Hungarian rheumatologist from Hévíz. Weight bath barkan ízületi gyógyszer an underwater subaquatic traction treatment with special tools used in a pool designed for this specific purpose.

Weight bath combines the physical and chemical effects of water and its pulling and stretching mechanical properties make it the most efficient and gentlest extension traction treatment.

In the course of weight bath treatment patients are suspended to hang in the indifferent water of °C to have their spinal column and the large joints of the lower extremities stretched. The weights applied in the weight bath are attached at one point only for the stretching of the cervical spine and at two points for the stretching of the lower portions of the spine and the lower limb joints.

The weights are attached to the waist or the ankle of the hanging patient. The treatment carefully relieves muscles and connective tissues.

This treatment is recommended for patients suffering from cervical and lumbar spine problems and is also suitable for prevention.

Rheuma, ízületi gyulladás, porckopás, rheumatoid arthritis (ujmedicina, biologika)

It is an important therapy for spine problems as well as hip and knee joint disorders. Weight bath is contraindicated in acute arthritis or neuritis, osteoporosis, vertebral slippage, for 6 months after spine stabilization surgery or herniated disc surgery, which means this treatment must not be applied in the above cases.

The gas bubbles floating in the water stick to the surface of the body and reduce the irritability of the cold-sensitive nerve endings in the skin. Thus, capillaries dilate and the desired outcome, namely erythema is formed. Carbon dioxide bath is the most suitable physical therapy method for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Due to its vasodilating and sedative properties it can also be applied in hypertension and neurosis.

It is one of the oldest traditional healing methods, which aims to enhance the blood circulation of the affected bodypart so as to loosen up stiff, tight and painful muscles. It restores the flexibility of the skin and muscles, and improves blood hogyan kell alkalmazni a fóliát ízületi fájdalmak esetén in the muscles to improve their performance. It is recommended to take a bath in thermal water before treatment as warm thermal water helps muscles loosen up.

The combined effect of the body temperature bath and the massage effect of water is used to relieve muscle pain and loosen up muscles.

kalcaneális bursitis

Treatment is provided in tangentor underwater jet and hydroxeur jacuzzi-like bathtubs. It provides complex exercise supported by the buoyancy of water for disabled patients and those suffering from different locomotor disorders.

Complex balneology care also known as daytime sanatorium services consists of at least four different types of treatment a day based on the recommendation of the specialist a combination of hydrotherapy and physicotherapy treatments, which may be massages, mud therapy, pool bath, electrotherapy or physical therapy.

Daytime sanatorium treatments are available in morning or afternoon sessions between 8 am and 4 pm on weekdays.

Gerecse Sziklamászó Sportegyesület Sportsérülések Nagy hangsúlyt kell fektetni a sportsérülések megelőzésére, elkerülésére. Az edzés egyik célja, hogy ha éppen nem is fejlődünk, de semmiképpen ne sérüljünk le. Nem az, az edzés célja, hogy fejlődjünk. Az edzés célja az, hogy úgy fejlődjünk, hogy közben nem sérülünk le.

Therapeutic swimming Therapeutic swimming is also a balneological treatment. Therapeutic swimming for those under 18 is available with social security reimbursement, and it is usually performed in groups. Swimming itself is therapeutic in nature due to its positive effects on the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system.

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This therapy makes use of the common swimming styles or their elements, but also uses therapeutic swimming movements that can help stretch or strengthen some muscles - with specific loading and specified courses. Therapeutic swimming is also efficient in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, asthma, spine and chest deformities, or damage to the central or peripheral nervous system. We also apply infusion therapy prescribed by a rheumatologist for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.

The treatment combines galvanic and faradic current to sooth pain and enhance blood flow. Indications: strain, contusion, edema, aging joints and spine, disc degeneration. It is also an efficient painkiller. Excellent for the treatment of chronic pain syndromes, muscle tightness, and certain types of neuralgia. Stable galvanic treatment It is the oldest electrotherapy treatment. Due to its physiological effects it is particularly well-suited for pain relief, especially in neuralgia, neuritis and myalgia.

It also also helpful to sooth inflammatory pain experienced in tendinitis, tendovaginitis, bursitis, epicondylitis, and inflammations in the spine and limb joints. Kowarschik galvanic treatment: It is a special galvanic treatment to decrease femoralgia and brachialgia.

Four-cell and two-cell subdivision galvanic treatment: The treatment is especially beneficial in arthritis deformans. Current is led to hogyan kell alkalmazni a fóliát ízületi fájdalmak esetén 34°C water.

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Since only a part of the body is dipped in water, the four-cell electric current can be more intensive than that in the galvanic bath. A further advantage of this treatment is that it can intensify blood circulation. With the help of four electrodes, mid-frequency current is applied to the body through two current circuits. The approx. It is well-suited for the treatment of joint dislocations, muscle pains, degenerative joint and spine conditions, or paralysis. Iontophoresis In iontophoresis therapy, various medicines are delivered into the body through the skin by using galvanic current, in other words it is a combination of electrical and medicinal treatment.

Modern photo-therapeutic method It improves blood circulation in tissues, boosts local metabolism, has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, and accelerates tissue regeneration.


It can be applied effectively in several rheumatic, nerve and vascular diseases. It is also efficient in arthralgia, inflammations, headaches, migraine, skin disorders, herpes simplex and zoster, sports injuries, or muscle strains.

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Magnetotherapy is a treatment with magnetic energy generated by electric current. During treatment, the magnetic field is interrupted, thus the body is exposed to repetitive electromagnetic impulses. As a result, channels may open in the cellular walls this electromagnetic impulse crosses, and these channels can let substances influencing the functioning of the cells enter.

These substances can be both positive, or negative.


The treatment can be successfully applied for the alleviation of different pains, the treatment of rheumatic disorders, sports injury rehabilitation, to strengthen the immune system, prevent blood supply disorders or sleep disorders, for stress relief or the improvement of physical and intellectual performance. Ritex pack It is a pack containing components that improves blood circulation.

It is recommended for arthralgia, painful lumps of muscle, or tight shoulder and back muscles. The Ritex pack is applied to the painful body region which is then covered with a thin film, after which the patient or the treated area is covered with a warm cover.

Stimulus current Stimulus current is the name of the electric current the application of which results in muscle contraction.

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The series of direct current impulses selectively produce contractions in the damaged muscle without causing pain. It is an important therapeutic procedure in peripheral paralysis, the prevention of muscular dystrophy and strengthening of weak muscles. TENS is suitable for the alleviation of muscle and nerve pains experienced in lumbago, gout, rheumatism, back and shoulder pains, headaches, migraine, joint inflammations, zoster, facial neuralgia, or after the acute phase of neuritis, as well as for the treatment of smaller vasoconstrictions, alleviation of pain after accidents or surgeries, to prevent bed-sore and muscular dystrophy following muscle paralysis after stroke, etc.

It produces mechanical, thermal and chemical effects in tissues. It is widely applied due to its muscle-relaxing, pain-relieving and vasodilating effects.

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Ultrasound treatments are suitable for nearly all musculoskeletal diseases. Last update:

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